New Puppy, New Challenges
“When we got Joey over three years ago, he was our second Labrador retriever.  Piece of cake, we thought, even though it had been almost nine years since Holly was a pup.  Much to our surprise we found out how different two labs can be!  To our delight, Emily took Joey in hand and not only helped us get him under control, but more importantly, helped us understand him.  He is still a goofy chocolate lab, but he is also a sweet, well-behaved and loving companion.   That we owe to Emily.  Her knowledge of dogs and her innate ability to connect with them is invaluable.  We still see her for "tune-ups" and for Joey, it's like seeing his best friend!”
--Anna Ahearn
The Teenage Phase, Golden Style
"Our story about avery special dog named Mikey:
We decided to travel many, many miles & spend many, many hours in our minivan traveling to get our new furry addition to add to our already large family-this was about a year ago. We have 4 children & the oldest of which has autism. 
We decided to get a pure bred golden retriever & have him eventually therapy-dog trained for our oldest child. He did so well interacting with animals & benefited immensely from animal therapy.  Mikey was a bundle of puppy joy, but was very much becoming large & boisterous quickly. We loved him to pieces, but he did need some quality training. We found Emily & we are SO glad we did!! Trying to find time to do anything with 4 children is next to impossible….Emily was SUCH a great help with Mikey! She taught him how to “Center”- for which we are eternally grateful! Mikey knows how to sit, lay down, come and when he is very excited (which is quite often, as he is still a 1 year old puppy)….. being able to get him to relax again is a God-send!!  Mikey immediately calms down& is able to have some control of his body & excitable-ness. We can’t thank Emily enough!  Mikey will calm down some more as time goes on & as he exits the long “puppy period” that Golden’s are known for. But, until then, we are using the skills Emily taught us to help Mikey be the best furry family member he can be!"
-Deana Curtain February, 2013
Reactive Corgi with Past Trauma
Looked Scary but Was Scared
My Corgi is 8 years old. He’s not very brave and expresses his fearfulness by behaving “badly”.  If he’s away from his own home or yard, he will bark & lunge at kids, bicycles, other dogs, trucks:  basically anything that moves.  I like to take walks and I would love to be able to bring him along with me but in addition to the fact that he is so reactive, he also gets nervous diarrhea when he’s on a walk so obviously, it’s not a fun experience for me or for him!  I’ve tried different training techniques with him over the years and nothing helped so I simply resorted to keeping his world very small by keeping him at home.  Recently, though, my next-door neighbors got a puppy and  I needed help!  Suddenly, my dog’s yard was no longer a safe place for him, in his mind, because of the scary “monster” he could see on the other side of our fence.  Emily is helping me help Cubby by teaching me how to teach him to make better decisions and stay under-threshold, in a happy and calmer state of mind.  Her insight, experience, patience and training methods are amazing and my dog and I are taking baby-steps towards happily existing with a doggy-neighbor and also actually being able to take walks someday.  This sounds so basic to some people with “easy” dogs but for me and Cubby, this will be huge!  He’s made a lot of progress in just a few months and he’s having fun with the training, too.  With Emily’s advice, guidance and support, I believe we will succeed---and that’s a great feeling.
-Di Hamelin June 2013  
Giant Schnauzer, Afraid of People, Very Reactive
"When I got a Giant Schnauzer pup 5 years ago and was pulling my hair out at her stubbornness, willfulness and lack of attention to people, Emily was there. She was my primary point of contact at our Dog Daycare, where she worked tirelessly with our difficult pup to instill in her a connection with people, and improved manners and obedience. She helped make our girl what she is today, a playful and affectionate guard dog to all who know and love her.
If you know terriers, this breed is possibly the MOST intimidating terrier of the bunch, and can be a serious challenge to raise due to their genetic makeup - independence and protection/guarding. Emily helped us correct some of the bad behavior, head off the dangers (aggression), and patiently taught us how to manager her better. I highly recommend Emily if you have a dog that's tough to work with - she is one of the most dedicated, knowledgeable and fearless trainers I know.
=Joanna Kleinschmit
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